Dynamic duo is a term usually reserved for the likes of comic book heroes, but if it were to apply to Spoken word poetry, Writing4mylife (W4ML)would be it. 

Comprised of super poets Archie the Messenger (ATM) and Lyrical the Lyricist, Writing4MyLife are two poets redefining the art of storytelling through spoken word, comedy, and improv. With a generational voice and vibration to make you sway, the two turn rhymes into rhythms, and poems into plays. 

The two have performed together for 15 years and in that time have performed at hundreds of venues around the country. They created a two-man spoken word play that toured to six cities, as well as an ongoing “Awesome” show showcasing the nation’s best spoken word artist. 

Individually the two are both published authors, and are currently working on the Writing4mylife documentary exploring the life and world of spoken word artists.