Welcome to the world of Archie the Messenger & Lyrical the Lyricist.

The purpose of w4ml.com is to document and share our experience through poetry as well as establish a creative space where writers, singers, and artists alike can share in community.
We view writing as an art form which elicits the most powerful and passionate feelings one can muster. Whether through song, poetry, performance, theatre, or fiction, writing unifies the people and tells the untold stories. For us, through performance, writing infuses our expression and is simply the equilibrium of life; hence the title of this MOVEMENT.
Even people who don’t consider themselves to be poets, or performers, or playwrights find themselves confessing to paper in some shape, form, or fashion. Writing 4 My Life is a realm in which we can communicate with our fans and a space where people may share their passion with us and each other. Come along the journey as two poets evolve into a deeper comprehension of what writing truly is!