The Performance Poet

Jo’rell H. Whitfield is an international spoken word artist, poet playwright, and author. He was born and reared in Queens, NY, and moved to Baltimore, MD to study English at Morgan State University. In college, he honed in on his passion for performance poetry, while studying for a literary degree that would aid him in writing a poetry book and novel of his own.

As Lyrical, he has been involved in the spoken word poetry scene for over 15 years, performing everywhere from open mic venues, to high schools, to colleges and universities in over 50 cities around the country, and in said time has won countless poetry slams, performing in in historical venues from The Nuyorican in New York, to The Savoy in Los Angeles, to the Smithsonian in our Nation’s capital.

In 2008 he partnered with fellow writer Archie The Messenger to create Writing4mylife, a writing company that would serve as the duo’s stage name as well. He co-created the two-man spoken word play “No Stage,” that ran at the Syracuse Stage in Syracuse, NY, the Road Less Traveled Theater in Buffalo, NY, and the August Wilson Center in Pittsburgh, PA. 

In 2008 he also penned his first poetry book, “The Deferred Dream,” and in 2014 released his first novel of the same title. He is currently finishing two poetry books to be release early 2019, and his second novel, and is adopting poetry into a new two-man play.


The Novelist

Jo’rell is the author of the critically acclaimed poetry book The Deferred Dream, published in 2012. T he Deferred Dream, the first poetry book and appendage to his upcoming fiction novel The Deferred Dream: Chronicles of Hope(set to release in March of 2016), puts the reader in the mind of the novel’s protagonist, writer and student –Terrence Dixon, and expounds on the vision of the novel further detailing the character’s experience. 

Expanding his writing journey, Jo’rell’s first “ What would you do?” book, Claire And Duke: Beats By Dre, gave him an opportunity to lead a team of collaborative writers to mastermind a t ale that explores love, lust, vanity, greed, and hope and has over 40 endings based on the decisions of the reader! Claire and Duke reintroduces the “What would you do?” style of novels to a new reading generation.